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Hybrid Office Spaces | What Your Workplace Needs

Elevate Your Business: Discover Servcorp's Hybrid Office Spaces. Fully furnished workspaces tailored for growth and flexibility.


Virtual Offices in Australia FAQs: Everything You Need to Know

Ready to explore virtual offices in Australia? Find out if it's the right fit for your business. Get the answers you need in our comprehensive FAQ.


Coworking Spaces in Australia FAQs: Your Questions Answered

Learn all you need to know about coworking spaces in Australia through this ultimate FAQs guide.


Optimal Office Spaces for IT Companies: A Comprehensive Guide

Optimise your tech workspace with our comprehensive guide. Learn how to create an office space for IT companies that fosters innovation, efficiency, and employee satisfaction.


The Ideal Coworking Space For Traders

Elevate Your Trading with Servcorp: Find the Perfect Coworking Space for Traders, Tailored for Growth and Success.


Find The Perfect Coworking Space For Creatives

Unlock your creative potential with Servcorp's fully furnished coworking spaces. Designed for creatives, this workspace empowers growth and collaboration.


Virtual Office For Company Registration

Looking for a virtual office for your company registration? Make our address your business address, which you can use on your website and business collateral.


What is Hot Desking? Boosting Business Productivity and Collaboration

Discover the benefits of hot desking for individuals and businesses. Stay productive and connected on the move with flexible workspace solutions


Shared Office Space & Its Benefits Explained

Find out everything about shared office space in this latest guide. Learn the benefits including cost savings, networking opportunities, and flexibility!


Streamlining Operations: The Benefits of Virtual Offices for Nonprofits

Discover how virtual offices can streamline operations for nonprofits. Learn about their benefits, from cost savings to increased productivity and flexibility.


Virtual Office for Lawyers: Virtual Office Solutions For Legal Practices

Discover virtual office solutions tailored for legal practices, optimizing workspace efficiency and flexibility for lawyers. Transform your legal workspace today.


Virtual Office vs Virtual Address: What’s The Difference?

Learn what the difference is between a virtual office & a virtual address. Find out which one you need for your business.


Effective Employee Retention Strategies in 2024

Discover effective employee retention strategies for 2024 to keep your top talent. Enhance company culture, invest in employee development & more.


Virtual Offices for Small Businesses: Empowering Efficiency and Growth

Unlock cost savings with virtual offices for small businesses. Learn how to reduce overheads, hire remotely, and expand your reach.


How Much Office Space Do I Need Per Employee?

When setting up a new business or moving to a new location, one of the most important questions you’ll need ask is how much office space do I need?


Are Coworking Spaces Tax Deductible: Maximising Benefits

Discover if coworking spaces are tax deductible and learn how to maximize your benefits. Stand out from the competition with our comprehensive guide.


The Best Coworking Spaces in Canberra: Perks, Facilities & More

Looking for a coworking space in Canberra? Read our guide to find what perks and facilities you can expect in the best shared office spaces in Canberra.


The 6 Best Coworking Spaces for Tech Startups

Check out the best coworking spaces for startups in Sydney, as we cover all business districts that offer top shared workspaces in 2024.


6 Proven Techniques for Crafting Strong Company Culture in Coworking Spaces

Create a strong company culture with our six proven techniques to enhance team collaboration and camaraderie.


The Disadvantages of Coworking Spaces: How To Solve Them

Find out the biggest disadvantages of coworking spaces and how to solve them easily by selecting the best shared workspace. Don't buy a lie!


What Is a Coworking Space? All You Need to Know

Discover what a coworking space is and how it can benefit you. Learn everything you need to know about coworking spaces.


Serviced Office vs Coworking Space: A Comprehensive Comparison

Unsure whether coworking spaces or serviced offices are better for your business? This comprehensive guide will cover the advantages and disadvantages of these flexible workspaces so you can make an informed decision.


Are Coworking Spaces Worth It? The Pros, Cons & Costs

Find out the pros, cons, and costs of a coworking space to determine if this growing flexible workspace solution is worth it for your business.


REVEALED: What Our Favourite Movies Teach Us About Workplace Productivity

We're no strangers to movies with scenes of office space, but what do they teach us about workplace productivity? Check out what some of your favourite movies uncover about the importance of a quality office and productivity.


What is a family office? Why you need one and how it works

What is a family office? Discover what it is and why you need one. Learn how a family office works and make informed decisions for your financial future.


Conference Room vs. Meeting Room: Key Differences

Explore the vital distinctions between meeting rooms & conference rooms to choose the ideal space for your professional gatherings.


Adelaide office space guide 2023

Are you looking for office space in Adelaide? This comprehensive office space guide will explore prime locations, cost considerations and key amenities that you should look for.


Melbourne office space guide 2023

Looking for your ideal office space in Melbourne? Read our 2023 guide to get a comprehensive understanding of the traditional and flexible office spaces available.


How Much Does an Office Fit Out Cost - A Simple Guide

Discover the cost involved in office fit-outs. This simple guide provides insights on budgeting and managing expenses for a successful fit-out project.


Are coworking spaces safe?

Are coworking spaces safe? Find out the common security challenges found in a coworking space and how you can select the safest workspace.


Top 10 Coworking Spaces in Sydney - Book Your Space Today!

Looking for premium coworking spaces in Sydney? Here are the top 10 locations in Sydney to work from. Book your spot today & elevate your business!


Charted: The Rise and Fall of WeWork

Despite its recommitment to core business fundamentals in the last few years, WeWork’s management is setting off a signal flare about the company’s future.


How to Choose a Coworking Space: 9 Tips to Consider in 2023

Follow these nine steps to know how to choose a coworking space and become an expert on the key differences between coworking space providers.


Best Government Grants for Small Businesses and Startups: Complete Guide

Find the best government grants for small businesses & startups. Explore fundings, eligibility and financial support to fuel your business growth.


Osaka Office Space Guide 2023

This updated guide will help you find your ideal office space in Osaka and give a local rundown on the most important factors to look for.


Sydney Office Space Guide 2023

This updated guide will help you find your ideal office space in Sydney and give a local rundown on the best flexible office space options available.


Serviced office vs Commercial Office: A 2024 Outlook

The most up-to-date, in-depth comparison of serviced vs commercial offices in Australia's office rental market. Explore vacancy rates, cost breakdowns & more.


What is hybrid work: the advantages & disadvantages

Delve into what kind of work style hybrid work refers to, and learn the advantages and disadvantages of this normalised work style.


Time to scrap the office? The return-to-office dilemma

Most employers are demanding their staff to return to the office, but workers aren't on the same wavelength. What's the solution?


The Ultimate Project Management Framework for Startups | Servcorp

Being able to prioritise and manage projects will help your startup survive in the marketplace. Learn how to craft a project management framework.


Working from home vs office - Pros and Cons to consider


Creating the best freelance office space: Complete guide

Learn how to set up an office space that's tailored for freelance success. Get tips on creating the best environment and equipment here!


Virtual Office vs Home Office: Which One is Right for You

Discover the differences between virtual and home offices, and determine which workspace is the perfect fit for your business needs with this guide.


How to get a virtual address

A virtual address is a convenient solution for businesses that need a professional address without the cost and maintenance of a physical office.


What Is A Virtual Receptionist & How It Can Help Your Business

Discover all the ways a virtual receptionist can help your business with answering phones, taking messages, providing customer service & much more!


Office Space for Lawyers – Best Office Types for Law Firms

Learn about the different types of offices that law firms can choose from for their needs & which factors are most important when choosing an office space.


Startup Office Spaces - Best Office Types for Your Startup

A startup requires a unique, fun & optimised office space to work in. Here are the best types of office spaces you need for your startup.


Leasing Office Space: The Ultimate Cost Saving Guide 2023

This guide will provide a complete overview on all the costs related to leasing an office space and provide cost saving advice.


Five Tips for Small Businesses to Reduce Operational Costs

Although it may not be easy, every small business that wants to succeed in the long run should have a strategy that strictly keeps its operational costs to only what is necessary


The Ultimate Coworking Space Guide 2024

This guide will provide a comprehensive outlook on what to expect from your shared office space and explain everything you need to understand about a coworking space.


Why Malaysia is Ideal for International Business

Malaysia’s well-developed infrastructure and connection to the global economy makes it an attractive destination for businesses to expand their operations or set up a new one.


The Benefits of Secretarial and Telephone Answering Services

Telephone answering services and secretarial support can be time saving method and mitigate the risk of wasted productivity.


Do Businesses Still Need a Landline? The Pros & Cons of a Landline Phone

Now that smartphones are easily available and offer more functionality than a landline phone, is landline still necessary? This article will explain the advantages and disadvantages of having a fixed-line phone for businesses big and small.


8 Reasons Why Coworking Spaces are Better than Working from Home [2022]

Working from home echoes comfort and seems ideal until we're faced with distractions, isolation and complacency. Coworking spaces are ideal as they are comprised with people which work towards the same goal.


The Cost Saving Benefits of Hybrid Work for Businesses

Australia’s demand for the hybrid work model has significantly exceeded the international standard according to recent research.


Top 7 Biggest Business & Workplace Global Trends Which Will Shape 2023

The way business work across the globe is always changing, however the past few years has changed everything in an unprecedented manner.


The Evolution of The Office: How Workspaces Have Modernised

The structure of our workplace plays a large role in life and impacts everything from our mood to our productivity.


Why Hiring has Become Difficult: Workforce Challenges

As the process of recruiting employees becomes more difficult, it’s important for companies to understand why this is happening.


Cybersecurity in the workplace: How to Stop Data Breaches

As businesses continue to transition away from the traditional office space, the need for high security measures becomes increasingly important.


Corporate Travel and Coworking on The Rise

Following the end of Covid-19 lockdowns, coworking spaces are in high demand as international travel and major events resume across Australia.


The Hybrid Work Model: What is it and How Does it Work?

The hybrid work model is a new way of working that has solidified itself in today's economy. Find out what hybrid work is, the value of the hybrid model and how to adopt one for your business.


What is Virtual Support and How Can it Help Businesses?

Virtual support is a term used for administrative and secretarial work that is done remotely, by using technology. This type of support has been around for many years, but has only recently become popularised because of the advances in technology.


Coworking vs Traditional Office: What are the differences, Which is Better and What is Trending?

There has been a recent trend of businesses moving out of their traditional, long-term leases and into leased office spaces that can be used on a more flexible basis.


Coworking Spaces in Australia: How Much Does it Cost and What is Included?

Find out what coworking spaces are, how much they cost, and the average price per city. If you're thinking of starting a business or already run one that requires multiple locations to operate effectively, consider renting a hot desk at a coworking space.


How to Create a Hybrid & Remote Teams Policy Template

Although hybrid working is now relatively common and employees now expect this from businesses, it is important to set rules and have policies in place to ensure productivity remains the same.


Are hybrid offices and remote working beneficial for the environment and does it save energy?

While the lockdown rules were a hefty challenge for everyone and caused a lot of mental fatigue, one of the primary benefits which came from it was the immediate positive effect on the environment.


Covid-19: Changes in Consumer Purchase Behaviour and What Are Consumers Looking For in 2022?

Find out what consumer purchasing behavior is, why it's important to your marketing strategy, and the shift toward heavily experience driven satisfaction that has occurred as a result of COVID-19.


The Pros and Cons of Employee Background Checks

It is a standard procedure within many industries to run a background check on prospective employees before officially offering them a position.


Hybrid Offices: The Post-Covid Workspace Solution

Since the pandemic, many businesses have realised that the hybrid office concept and demand for remote work has not only increased, but is likely here to stay.


What is Flexible Workspace? Why Flexible Office Spaces are becoming common

Learn what it means to have a flexible workspace and the benefits you can get from using one. Discover ways to implement flex-space into your business, which technology you need, and tips for setting up these spaces successfully.


Virtual Offices in Australia: The Flexible Workplace Solution for Small Businesses

If you're a small business in Australia looking for an affordable way to break into the global market, a virtual office may be the perfect solution.


Where to meet clients when working from home: The first impression

Now that working from home is a common occurrence, one of the most frequent questions which arise is where should I meet my clients?


Tips for renting your first office space: small businesses

The endeavour of renting a new office space for small businesses is a significant step and a milestone to celebrate upon completion.


Time is money: Why delegating is important for businesses

Every business should have the goal of reducing time spent on repetitive tasks which produce minimum or no capital and redirect that time on tasks which create the most amount of money.


How to start your own law firm from home [2022]

One of the biggest costs of running a law firm is getting an office space. Although operating from home provides a factor of convenience it also presents the challenge of not knowing how clients will perceive your firm.


Hub-And-Spoke Model: What Is It & What Are Its Benefits?

The hub and spoke office model is a hybrid approach to workplace design. Discover more about the hub-and-spoke model is & its various benefits for businesses.


How to make your business environmentally friendly

As a business, we all must recognise that one way or the other we contribute towards climate instability and the more effort we place into being environmentally conscious, the longer we preserve Earth and fulfil our responsibility.


How to obtain funding for startup businesses in Australia

Every startup business owner dreams of receiving funding to accelerate their goals and push past the early struggle of slow growth. Here are the five most probable forms of funding to simplify the plethora of options available.


What is Coworking?

Coworking spaces are being adopted by more large companies aiming to eliminate the cost of under-utilised and empty office space, and also give employees greater flexibility when and where they work from. Although this is an important factor, coworking spaces offer a lot more than simply reducing business expenses.


How to downsize your business in 2022 without losing credibility

When a business downsizes the first thing that takes a hit is its credibility and public perception. Although a company may need to reduce either its physical or organisational size due to financial reasons, it’s important to not appear unstable.


Why remote working is a cybersecurity risk [2022]

Security risks have always been a concern for all businesses but this has been exacerbated through poor remote work practices such as unsafe Wi-Fi networks, personal device usage, email scams and weaker security control.


Do you have Zoom fatigue?

Mental exhaustion from Zoom calls and video conferencing is reaching peaks like never before. Co-working to maintain in-person communication and for a change of environment may be the solution you need.


Navigating business communications in a work from home environment

Working from home has created a backwards step in the technological realm and has led to personal phones becoming the first point of contact. Find out why a virtual number may be your solution.


How to Boost Your Productivity in Remote Work Settings?

Coronavirus has seen remote and hybrid work models put in place to meet health regulation requirements.


The Difference Between a Registered Office and Corporate Office in Australia

If you’re wanting to learn about the differences between a registered office and a corporate office, then you’re in the right place.


Mail Redirection for Your Business with Australia Post

Mail redirection has never been easier with Australia Post. So, if you’re looking for information on how to redirect your mail for your business, this article can help.


How to Change a Registered Business Address in Australia

A registered business address is the location where a business can be found or communicated with.


Why a Virtual Office is Better than Having a PO Box Address in Australia

In need of a new address for your business?


How to futureproof your workspace, post-COVID.

There’s no denying the COVID-19 pandemic has inalterably changed the way we work.


The numbers are in. Workspaces will change post-COVID. Discover what that means for your business.

COVID-19 lockdowns and government restrictions have pushed tens of millions worldwide to work from home, accelerating a remote working experiment that had been struggling to catch on for more than a decade.


What is the latest office situation "hybrid office"? How is it different from working from home or remote work?

Work styles have diversified, and more and more companies have introduced remote working, which connotes working from home. New words are being created one after another, but recently, "hybrid office," which combines working from home and traditional office work, has begun to attract attention.


Business Address: Why Your Business Address Matters?

Learn how your business address impacts credibility, legal needs, and customer trust in our detailed guide. Make the best choice for success.


Winners in Business Pivot, Grow and Shrink: Evolve with a Flexible Workspace

Just as elite athletes need to maintain flexibility to stay on top of their game, business owners need to be highly responsive and agile in order to win.


Consumer Survey: How Has COVID Impacted Workplace Trends?

Servcorp joined forces with Roy Morgan to conduct a Consumer Survey on both business and non-business owners about customers’ perceptions on what makes a business more lucrative, as well as the changes in the office landscape brought about by COVID.


The Future of Work: Impact of COVID on Professional Services

Covid-19 has changed how businesses engage with consumers. New trends are emerging with less traditional ways of meeting consumers & digital transformations.


Why Office Design Matters

Well-considered office design & interior design can play a role in productivity & employee satisfaction. Read more on why beauty in the workspace


How to manage cash flow & reduce overheads

Cash flow management is crucial to the day-to-day running of a business. Assessing overheads & reducing costs can make a massive difference to your balance sheet.


10 Entrepreneurial Quotes to Put Away for a Rainy Day

Feel like you need a little pick me up to get you back on track with your business? Reading quotes from famous entrepreneurs is always good for a dose of inspiration when your mojo flags.


Flexible Workspace vs Traditional Office

In this article, we look the pros and cons of a flexible workspace vs a traditional office space to help you decide which will work best for your needs.


The Future of the Corporate Office in a Post-Pandemic World

The corporate office is evolving as companies adapt to remote work & emerging trends in the Covid-19 pandemic.


Coworking vs. Virtual Office: What is the Difference?

As businesses adopt remote work models, many organisations are re-evaluating their expansion plans and seeking new workspace arrangements to support a hybrid model of days in and out of the office.


Commercial Real Estate: Is buying or leasing right for you?

There are many factors in choosing an office space for your business whether you buy or lease commercial real estate.


Small Business Marketing: Marketing Ideas on a Low Budget

Small businesses don't need to spend big to market their brands successfully.


How to start a successful small business during a pandemic

You might be a long-aspiring entrepreneur who’s worked up the guts to open your first business. Or you might have just fallen into the role of small business owner naturally.


What’s Holding You Back?

In March 2015 March, we conducted a short online survey with 507 respondents from the Australian professional services sector.


Hybrid Workspaces: Unhinging The Traditional Office Space

What exactly does this new hybrid workspace actually mean for the future of office spaces?


Candidate Considerations - What You Should Consider When Deciding on New Employees

If you have been running a company for some time, you probably know a little about the demand for jobs in the major Australian cities.


Covid-19: How startups are key to restarting the Australian economy

Startups are the new black in the business world.


Work smart, not hard (or save 572 hours of personal time).

As all business owners will recognize, it can be hard to switch off at the end of a working day or at the weekend, especially if you’re just starting out.


Why Young Entrepreneurs Need Mentors

Although plenty of entrepreneurs have succeeded without mentors, it’s always easier having a helping hand.


Built-In Benefits - Why Serviced Offices are becoming a Business Staple

With the number of Australian businesses increasing consistently increasing over the last five years, the idea of having a workplace dedicated to a single team is slowly becoming less realistic


What is a Virtual Assistant & Reasons to Hire One

Discover the benefits of hiring a virtual assistant. Increase productivity with professional assistance. Find out more about virtual assistants here.


Popular Financing Options For Your Startup

Once you’ve made the decision to start your own company, you’ll find that financing is one of the most difficult obstacles an entrepreneur has to overcome.


Shared Spaces - Utilising a Coworking Environment

Collaboration is at the heart of every active business.


Mindfulness for entrepreneurs and mindfulness in the workplace

2020 isn’t the year anyone expected. It’s easy to feel out of control amid the unprecedented restrictions and decreased opportunities for face-to-face interaction.


Growing Your Business with Minimal Costs

Small business growth in Australia continues to be the major positive trend in Australia.


Productivity + Work-life Balance: The (BEST) mantra for a successful career

Below are a few ways businesses can enhance their employees and business work ethic to build a robust workforce.


Why Care About Employee Engagement?

It’s perfectly reasonable to expect high performance levels from your staff, but you’ll find it’s much easier to achieve this goal if you also work hard to boost employee engagement.


Are commercial property prices blocking your entrepreneurial ambitions?

Entrepreneurial ambitions are all about making breakthroughs and breaking down barriers that will allow their business to become productive, profitable and successful.


Working Remotely is More than a Trend

Read below five ways you can prepare your company and your team to more remote work.


17 Productivity Tips For Working From Home Through Coronavirus

Use these 17 tips to unlock your potential and push aside distractions to improve your productivity while working from home.


Customer Feedback Tools for Small Businesses

Do you know what your customers really think about your company, products, or services?


Working From Home Tips: How to deal with cabin fever

If working from home tips you over the edge of sanity, you’re not alone.


Covid-19 Workplace Planning: How to build a workforce strategy for the future

As organisations begin to deal with the COVID-19 fallout, one thing is becoming increasingly clear—the impact of coronavirus on how we work will linger for some time to come.


Virtual Offices vs. Serviced Offices: Which is Right for You?

In today’s modern working environment where flexibility is key, there are a range of working environments to choose from, including serviced and virtual offices.


What You Need to Know Before Offshoring

As Shakespeare famously said, “All the world’s a stage”. And in today’s business world, if you’re not playing on it, you may be missing a golden opportunity to lower your costs and grow your business.


TOP 6 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Coworking Space

Here are the top 6 factors to consider to ensure you don't inadvertently hurt your business.


The Importance of Velocity in Business

Despite claims to the contrary, and a rise in business confidence, many businesses are still feeling the effects of the GFC, with all its attendant after-effects.


Family succession in a public company

This piece has been reproduced from an article featured in Business Spectator, by Australian business commentator, Alan Kohler.


How to keep your business running smoothly through the COVID-19 outbreak

7 ways Servcorp can help you power through the current Corona challenges