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Coworking Spaces in Australia: How Much Does it Cost and What is Included?

By Varun Bodhi


Coworking spaces are becoming an increasingly popular option for businesses of all sizes. These shared workspaces offer a number of benefits, including cost-efficiency, flexibility, and networking opportunities. Coworking spaces can be found in every major city around the world, and Australia is no exception.  


In this article, we'll take a look at the average cost of renting a coworking hot desk in Australia, the average cost per major city in Australia, as well as what's included in the price.  


Australian Coworking Facts and Figures 

As of 2022, there are at least 374 coworking spaces situated across Australia. Although the world average price for a hot desk is around $299, this cost seems elevated in Australia as it reaches $409 per month. 

While that may seem like an expensive price tag, the cost will vary based on your provider, the type of coworking space you're looking for and the location. 

 Here is a basic rundown of the cost and hot desk spaces available per major area in Australia: 

  • Sydney: around 72 coworking spaces with an average cost of $471 per month.
  • Melbourne: around 101 coworking spaces with an average cost of $431 per month.
  • Adelaide: around 12 coworking spaces with an average cost of $403 per month.
  • Brisbane: around 24 coworking spaces with an average cost of $378 per month.
  • Perth: around 21 coworking spaces with an average cost of $420 per month.

What Features Does a Coworking Space Include? 

Majority of all flex spaces are well maintained and offer a clean space to work from within the standard business hours.

Depending on your flex space provider, the range of features which consider your convenience, productivity and business optimisation will all vary. 

Majority of coworking providers will at least include a furnished space, Wi-Fi, cleaning, meeting room access and a shared kitchen which covers the overall cost for a hot desk in Australia. 

This is where some research will come in handy to differentiate the facilities that you are receiving for the price. For example, Servcorp's hot desks provide a variety of high-end features including: 

  • Full access during business hours
  • Free, fast and secure Wi-Fi
  • Full secretarial team assistance
  • Printing, copy and scanning from any desk (most providers don't include this)
  • In-house I.T. support, simply dial *1 and receive instant support
  • Unlimited tea, coffee and water

These amenities can be accessed across all of our 21 locations in Australia. A perfect example of this would be Servcorp's Gateway coworking location in Sydney which costs $385 on a month-to-month basis, or $308 per month when you choose us for a year. 

When comparing this to the $471 average cost of a hot desk in Sydney, you save at least $86 or $163. Furthermore, with the extra money your business saves this can be redirected towards our other optional inclusions such as: 

  • Our address becomes your address: showcase it on your business card, website and all marketing materials.
  • Receive a landline phone number from any of our locations: have all your calls answered by a local dedicated receptionist as instructed by you.
  • Choose your own form of Wi-Fi security: whether it’s VLAN, VPN, DMZ or any type of connection.

This is where determining value for price is key. 

 Is a coworking space better than working from home or a traditional office?

This is a difficult question to answer as it all depends on your business' needs. Working from home has its perks, but you also lose out on the social aspect of working in an office.

Overall, working from home or a local cafe is much cheaper than a coworking space, however your business will miss out on the opportunity to quickly grow through some of the coworking features such as Servcorp's address or receptionist - luckily this can be solved with a virtual office.

A hot desk is cheaper than a traditional office which involves long-term lease commitments and will have no underlying costs as everything is as stated. The major benefit of Servcorp's spaces is that they are all under the average cost stated above, simply have a browse to see which space suits you best.

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