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Optimal Office Spaces for IT Companies: A Comprehensive Guide

By Paige Tonna


The information technologies (IT) sector, is one of the fastest-growing industries, playing an increasingly significant role in the global economy and society.

In the UK alone, there are over 133,000 programming and consultancy companies, 3,200 software development companies, and thousands more working in digital engineering, mobile app development, and artificial intelligence. 

While IT encompasses various industries, office space requirements remain similar throughout the sector. A thriving IT company requires office spaces that meet business needs while also being a great space for teams to collaborate to create solutions and digital products.

In this article, we will explore the ideal office space for IT businesses in 2024, to help you find the perfect place for your company.

Key Factors for IT Office Space

Robust Technology Infrastructure

It might seem obvious, but the secret behind a successful IT business is its tech infrastructure.

Let’s say you’re hoping to set up a software development company, and you’re looking to create a new platform using machine learning. You’ll need processors such as CPUs or GPUs, large physical and cloud storage capabilities, and fast and secure WiFi and VPN connections to develop your service.

Making sure your business’ office space has the capacity for these IT must-haves is key to achieve your outcomes and make your enterprise viable.

Security Considerations

As the major targets of cybersecurity attacks, IT businesses must safeguard all data, classified information, or sensitive materials from potential hackers and scammers. Mitigating risk starts at the office.

Using secure locks, passcode security systems, and adequate virtual and physical storage systems is imperative for businesses to stay protected against any threats.   

Big data breaches are a surefire way for your clients and customers to lose confidence in your business, so taking all security precautions is essential.

Flexibility and Scalability

With many of the fastest-growing businesses in the world operating in the IT industry, it’s safe to assume that many small businesses in the sector will experience rapid growth in the coming years.

This means that both offices and tech infrastructure need to be scalable to accommodate additional employees to support business operations. Some common ways to future-proof your scalability include designing a flexible office layout, utilise modular seating, reconfigurable furniture, and movable desks, and creating multifunctional spaces.

Employee Wellness and Productivity

The fast-paced nature of the IT world means that employees are at risk of developing high levels of stress and burnout. In 2019, studies showed that up to 64.4% of workers in the Information Services and Data Processing industry felt overwhelmed by their workload.

IT businesses are prioritizing employee well-being in office design, recognizing it as key to productivity and achieving business goals.

Top tips for creating a healthy workspace

  • Ensure your office layout allows plenty of natural light to fill the space
  • Add biophilic elements such as plants, natural materials and water features
  • Use ergonomic furniture designed to support the physical health and comfort of employees
  • Incorporate meeting rooms and breakout zones to support collaboration and brainstorming
  • Have designated private spaces or focus/quiet areas to support productivity

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Office Space Options for IT Companies

Traditional Office Lease

Traditional office spaces are the private offices that most IT workers are familiar with. They are usually rented out on a long-term lease and management of the building or floor is up to the business themselves.

For over a decade, traditional offices have been falling out of favour as the costs of maintaining these spaces consume valuable time, money, and resources companies don’t have.


  • Full control over the occupied space
  • Customisation potential to design the office as you see fit


  • Enormous upfront costs to secure, furnish, and supply the office space
  • Long-term rental and leasing commitments

Serviced Offices

Serviced offices are fully furnished workplaces that come with a full suite of amenities and facilities to support a business’ operations.  Managed by a third-party provider, they are becoming a popular alternative to traditional office spaces and are increasingly sought-after across the globe.

Rather than paying for an indefinite lease for a traditional office, many IT companies have embraced serviced offices for their flexible leasing terms, paying a monthly membership to access spaces and all the offerings that come with it.


  • Unlimited access to comprehensive amenities such as secretarial and IT support, telephone answering services, and mail redirection.
  • Flexible leasing and rental terms mean that companies can use the space as needed
  • Cost-effective, budget-friendly, and reduced overheads
  • Perfect for scalability


  • Less customisation than traditional offices
  • Little to no opportunity to display business branding and marketing materials
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Coworking Spaces

Coworking spaces are shared office spaces designed for professionals from different companies to work alongside each other. Like serviced offices, they come with an array of amenities and are prized for their flexible terms and dynamic environment. Demand for coworking spaces has skyrocketed in the last few years, with record high occupancy levels as of 2023.

Access to coworking spaces can also be part of a virtual office package, a Servcorp-developed solution offering ‘everything but the office’.


  • Flexible renting and leasing terms
  • Occupying shared spaces with like-minded businesses create opportunities for networking and business partnerships
  • Cost-effective, budget-friendly, and reduced overheads
  • Have a great community-focused culture


  • The dynamic nature of coworking spaces may mean increased noise and distractions
  • Security and privacy concerns for companies working with confidential information and data
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Additional Considerations


Location is crucial for businesses looking for their ideal office space. From attracting and retaining talent to building partnerships and business relationships, the business address of your offices plays an important role in how your company is perceived. 

It’s no secret that a company with a prestigious business address in Australia's commercial hubs is well-regarded. Occupying office space in such a powerful financial/tech hub can greatly enhance your business’s professional image and instill confidence and expertise.

Location can significantly impact employee well-being and productivity levels. Factors such as short walking distance to transport links, cafes, shops, and green spaces positively correlate with better performance and employee outcomes.


In today's competitive IT landscape, access to modern office amenities greatly benefits businesses and employees alike.

Offering perks like comfortable and ergonomic workspaces, relaxation areas, fitness facilities, or even a dog-friendly private office demonstrates a commitment to employee well-being, fostering a positive work environment.

Additionally, features like advanced technical support, collaborative workspaces, and access to smart technologies can directly enhance productivity and innovation within your team. What kind of tech geek wouldn’t want to work in an environment where artificial intelligence can monitor the air quality and temperature levels of their office space? 

Company Culture

Well-designed and functional office space goes beyond just a place to work; it becomes a physical manifestation of your company culture.

Open floor plans, designated common areas, and collaboration zones encourage interaction and provide spaces for informal gatherings, brainstorming, and team bonding.

Finding and Investing in a well-designed office fosters a sense of community and belonging and contributes to a more positive and productive work environment.

Find the right offices for your IT business

In conclusion, while IT services companies vary across industries, the office space requirements remain similar and are important to get right.

Whether you specialise in custom software development or digital engineering, finding the right offices for you and your business is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. 

Looking for your own space but not sure how to start the search? Servcorp’s team of experts are here to help find the right office for you. Reach out to our in-house team via phone call or our online form.


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