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Find The Perfect Coworking Space For Creatives

By Varun Bodhi


Creatives thrive when they are in an environment that nurtures and enables them to express their ideas. A bland traditional office that feels stifling or a working-from-home environment that imbues isolation simply doesn't cut it. But coworking spaces for creatives? Now that's a great solution.

Coworking spaces are vibrant and collaborative in nature which is ideal for creatives who commonly bounce ideas off each other. However, not all coworking spaces are created equal. Your creative coworking space needs the right resources to bring your vision to life and this requires a provider that has created an entire ecosystem.

With flexible layouts, networking opportunities, and a buzzing atmosphere, these spaces provide the perfect backdrop for your next big project. Say goodbye to dull cubicles and hello to a community that understands your creative journey.

Let's get into what it takes to make amazing creative spaces.

Workspace Needs & Considerations for Creatives

Functionality with some inspiration is what creative professionals seek when finding a workspace. Here's what we suggest for those in the creative industry to look for tailored environments.

  • Aesthetics

An abundance of natural sunlight is an unbeatable solution for boosting mood and productivity. Ensure the coworking space has large windows and consider if they are accompanied by inspiring views. Sometimes it takes a window overlooking the city from the top with an ocean to the side to get the creative juices flowing.

It goes without saying that the coworking space should be designed to suit your needs. Modern, stylish furnishing and perhaps an exposed ceiling that gives a rustic touch will be better than plain private offices with white walls. Colours make an even bigger difference if you plan on establishing a photography studio in a shared workspace.

Keep an eye out for art installations and greenery. Some coworking spaces, such as Servcorp, have many unique and prestigious artworks which complement the creative energy you might seek!

  • Flexible spaces

A co working space by nature is flexible, but creatives require more versatility depending on their unique tasks. For example, quiet zones are a must for when you need to separate yourself from the hustle and bustle of the workspace. Private phone booths are also ideal when communicating with clients to ensure your business still remains professional and maintains a credible image.

Breakout rooms, event spaces, and a kitchen are a must for casual meetings or relaxing with a cup of coffee while getting away from your work. And while areas with a relaxed 'vibe' are great, always ensure to have professional meeting rooms equipped with screens, and great technology when presenting or meeting clients. Boardrooms are especially important for creatives such as graphic designers

It's best to have a balance between open areas for collaboration and private areas for focused work, or else employees face the risk of losing concentration.

  • Amenities

Beyond the basics of a physical workspace, a creative coworking space also needs amenities to support its day-to-day operations. Technology such as high-speed Wi-Fi for research, communication, and sharing large files is a must, among many other facilities.

Ensure the coworking provider has on-site printing and scanning equipment to manage your documents and marketing materials easily. Another bonus is having access to soundproof rooms or studio spaces for recording podcasts or videos and backdrops suitable for product photography.

  • Community and Location

Working in a like-minded community is a major benefit and valuable asset. The regular networking events, workshops, social gatherings with other members, and opportunities to team up with other creatives are phenomenal. You might luck out and join an event with experienced professionals offering business mentoring.

Most importantly, don't forget the location and accessibility. These can significantly influence your business and impact client interactions and the time it takes for your team to arrive at work. Whether you're in the creative industry, an established enterprise, or a not-for-profit organisation, at the end of the day, your location speaks about the success of your business.

Where Are Your Coworking Space Locations for Creatives?

There are many coworking spaces in Australia, but as mentioned before, location matters! Servcorp has many locations in the country's commercial hubs to ensure your creative business has the biggest advantage.

Whether you want to work in the renowned International Tower Sydney, 101 Collins Street in Melbourne or the Nishi Building in Canberra, creatives can find the best-located shared workspaces in Australia with Servcorp.

Every building has end-of-trip facilities such as showers, parking, gyms and other amenities to maximise your coworking experience can keeping convenience as a priority.

What Do you Get When you Sign Up for a Coworking Space?

Servcorp's coworking spaces give creatives all the tools and resources needed to be as productive as possible. All of these solutions are conveniently scalable which ensures you run your business as preferred.

  • Flexible Desk Options:

    • Hot Desks: Find any available desk and work from it for the day. This is perfect for individuals who prefer variety and need a different view for inspiration on the day.

    • Dedicated Desks: Secure your own personal desk in the shared workspace. If you often find yourself carrying folders and paperwork to the office, then a dedicated workspace will save plenty of setup time.

    • Serviced Offices: Enjoy a fully furnished private office with lockable doors for ultimate privacy and focus. Whether you like playing music in your office or decorating it with your own branding, this configuration provides total control over the work environment.

  • 24/7 Access:

    • We understand that creativity doesn't always follow a 9-to-5 schedule. That's why our spaces are accessible around the clock, so you can work whenever inspiration strikes.

  • High-Speed Wi-Fi:

    • Enjoy lightning-fast internet speeds to keep you connected and productive. Servcorp is its own internet provider which ensures 99.9% uptime in a controlled environment.

  • Printing and Scanning:

    • Easily manage your documents with our state-of-the-art printing and scanning facilities. Many coworking spaces don't even have the facilities to allow employees to print from any desk. This major disadvantage can be navigated by selecting a shared office at Servcorp.

  • Meeting Rooms:

    • Impress clients and collaborate with your team in our professionally equipped meeting rooms, and boardrooms. Every meeting space has the technology you need for conferencing calling, presentations, and interactive meetings.

  • Kitchen Facilities:

    • Take a break and refuel with complimentary tea, coffee, and snacks in our well-stocked kitchen areas.

  • Networking Events:

    • Connect with a vibrant community of like-minded professionals at our regular networking events, workshops, and social gatherings. Take advantage of our online platform, which connects more than 50,000 businesses!

  • Administrative Support:

    • Our dedicated team provides reception services, mail handling, and administrative assistance, freeing you to focus on your core work. This is invaluable for small businesses that lack team support or companies seeking to cut costs.

  • IT Assistance:

    • Get prompt support for any technical issues that may arise, ensuring your workflow remains uninterrupted. Servcorp has its own in-house IT support team to establish various internet connections tailored to your desired cybersecurity.

  • Business Address:

    • Establish a prestigious business address in a prime location, enhancing your professional image and credibility. With more than 150+ locations worldwide, Servcorp lets you decide which address best suits your company.

  • Mail Forwarding:

    • Have your mail and packages securely handled and forwarded to you wherever you are. This ensures your business has maximum flexibility in terms of relocating or working remotely.

Networking opportunities for creatives

Finding like-minded individuals and businesses is a powerful advantage within any industry. Coworking spaces by nature are a shared environment which means there are events on a regular basis for networking.

Whether it be a speed networking event, workshops, or a festivity, there are ample opportunities to meet others. We also recommend speaking with the floor managers present at our locations if you desire to be introduced to certain groups and taking every opportunity to expand your network.

This can lead to potential collaboration, the acquisition of new clients, or simply another connection that enhances your coworking experience.

Tour a coworking space today for your business.

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