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EB Conveyancing - Emmi Balmer

Is this where you thought you would end up?

100%. When I was a little girl all I wanted was my own desk, computer, and phone and today I am living out my dreams as the Director of our Conveyancing Firm.

What do you consider your biggest weakness?

My emotions. Whilst being able to connect with my clients on a personal level is extremely important as they navigate property ownership, I can get too involved and when my clients are upset, I am often upset too.

As a female leader, what has been the most significant barrier in your career?

Being a newcomer into my industry, especially as a business owner and shaking up the 'status quo’ has found me met with a lot of resistance from people who don’t like change.

Who inspired you and why?

Definitely my mum. For as long as I can remember she has run her own business and I’ve seen the ‘behind the scenes’ of running a business. Someone who can do that, whilst raising two children as a single parent is a massive inspiration to me.

How do you balance work and life responsibilities?

Not very well, especially as we have only been in business for 13 months. It’s something I am learning every day to do whilst not compromising the values of our business. There comes a point in the day when I have to put my children and husband and their needs first and I’d love to say I am getting better at this as time goes on.

What have you sacrificed (both personally and professionally) at each stage of your career?

It has taken me 6.5 years to achieve the qualification necessary to open my own business. During that time, I sacrificed time with my children to study and weekends away from them in the office keeping on top of workloads. I haven’t made any sacrifices professionally.

What advice would you give to the next generation of female leaders?

To stay true to who you are and your beliefs, no matter where your business takes you, and to remember what you put in is what you will get out. Every minute of every day, no matter how hard it seems, is worth it in the long run.

If you had to start over from scratch, knowing what you know now, what would you do differently?

The only thing I would change is to set myself more boundaries in terms of a work/life balance. Otherwise, I wouldn’t change a thing!

What’s an accomplishment that you are proudest of?

Being a finalist in the NAB Client Choice Awards for Best Conveyancing Firm (<$30m) in Australia. The care, service, and advice we provide to our clients is paramount and to be recognised for that, in our first 12 months of business was beyond amazing. The next big accomplishment will be opening the doors to our brand new office!

What’s one core message you received from your mentors?

There will be highs and lows. The lows will probably outweigh the highs. But to make it through the lows, head held high with a fantastic team and business behind you is the true measure of success (this was from my business partner and husband Michael).

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