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Servcorp Pets Day: The Heartwarming Moments


Step into a world where wagging tails and boundless love take centre stage. Our pets day photo blog is a visual journey through the enchanting lives of our furry companions that light up the day.

This annual pets day at Servcorp, we enjoyed a productive day of playing with dogs and cherishing their company.

Have a look below for some of our favourite moments!

*A serious meeting between all of our furry decision makers.

*Arnie, the Dachshund looking professional as he observes the quality of work.

*Our dogs show us how to pose for a photoshoot.

*It's always playtime with this one!

*Time to stretch those paws and enjoy a leisurely stroll.

*Sometimes, you just have to establish your paw-thority.

*Buddy decides it's time to rest after a long day's work.

And after a busy day of patrolling the Servcorp floor and hard work, our furry friends returned home to enjoy some treats and a good night's sleep.

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