Virtual Offices Prices and Locations

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Meetings Package Address Package Communications Package Virtual Office Package
CapitaGreen capitagreen-singapore-thumbnail.jpg SGD60 / Month

Special Offer!

SGD117 / Month

Special Offer! 
SGD170 / Month

SGD153 / Month

Special Offer! 
SGD330 / Month

SGD297 / Month
Six Battery Road six-battery-road-singapore-thumbnail.jpg SGD60 / Month SGD90 / Month SGD170 / Month SGD300 / Month
Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower Two marina-bay-financial-centre-tower-singapore-thumbnail.jpg SGD60 / Month SGD170 / Month SGD180 / Month SGD360 / Month
The Metropolis Tower Two metropolis-tower-singapore-thumbnail.gif SGD60 / Month SGD85 / Month SGD130 / Month SGD210 / Month
Suntec Tower Three suntec-tower-singapore-thumbnail.jpg SGD60 / Month SGD90 / Month SGD160 / Month SGD230 / Month