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Meeting Rooms Prices and Locations

NOTE: A $60.00 booking fee will apply to all non-Servcorp clients
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Tower One Barangaroo, Sydney bar_thumbnail.jpg $90AUD /hour $156AUD /hour $69AUD /hour

Call us on +61 2 8046 6900

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Chifley Tower, Sydney chifley-small-2.jpg $90AUD /hour $156AUD /hour $69AUD /hour

Call us on +61 2 9293 2900

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Gateway, Sydney gateway-sydney-thumb-1.jpg $90AUD /hour $144AUD /hour $69AUD /hour

Call us on +61 2 8075 4600

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MLC Centre, Sydney mlc-centre-sydney-thumb-1.jpg $78AUD /hour $126AUD /hour $69AUD /hour

Call us on +61 2 9238 7611

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Market Street, Sydney Market Street Sydney Thumbnail $78AUD /hour $120AUD /hour $69AUD /hour

Call us on +61 2 9089 8800

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101 Miller Street, North Sydney 101millerst-north-sydney-thumb-1.jpg $78AUD /hour $120AUD /hour $69AUD /hour

Call us on +61 2 8019 7200

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Westfield Tower 2, Bondi Junction Tower Two Westfield Bondi Junction thumbnail $78AUD /hour $120AUD /hour $69AUD /hour

Call us on +61 2 8095 6500

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Avaya House, Macquarie Park Avaya House Sydney Thumbnail $78AUD /hour $120AUD /hour $69AUD /hour

Call us on +61 2 8875 7800

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Nexus Norwest, Norwest Nexus Norwest Sydney thumbnail $78AUD /hour $120AUD /hour $69AUD /hour

Call us on +61 2 8860 9600

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Deloitte Building, Parramatta Deloitte Building Parramatta Sydney thumbnail $72AUD /hour $90AUD /hour $69AUD /hour

Call us on +61 2 8896 6100

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Octagon Building, Parramatta Octagon Building Parramatta Sydney $72AUD /hour $90AUD /hour $69AUD /hour

Call us on +61 2 9615 9800

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101 Collins Street, Melbourne locations-101-collins-street-melbourne.jpg $90AUD /hour $156AUD /hour $69AUD /hour

Call us on +61 3 9653 9433

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140 William Street, Melbourne 140 william street melbourne thumbnail $78AUD /hour $126AUD /hour $69AUD /hour

Call us on +61 3 9607 8333

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Southbank Riverside Quay, Southbank southbank-riverside-melbourne-thumbnail.jpg $78AUD /hour $120AUD /hour $69AUD /hour

Call us on +61 3 9982 4600

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Riparian Plaza, Brisbane riparian-plaza_1.jpg $90AUD /hour $144AUD /hour $69AUD /hour

Call us on +61 7 3121 3275

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10 Eagle Street, Brisbane 10 Eagle Street Brisbane Thumbnail $78AUD /hour $120AUD /hour $69AUD /hour

Call us on +61 7 3303 8444

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Santos Place, Brisbane Santos Place Brisbane Thumbnail $78AUD /hour $120AUD /hour $69AUD /hour

Call us on +61 7 3181 4330

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Brookfield Place, Perth brookfield-place-perth-thumbnail.jpg $90AUD /hour $144AUD /hour $69AUD /hour

Call us on +61 8 6189 8700

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AMP Tower, Perth AMP Tower Perth Thumbnail $78AUD /hour $126AUD /hour $69AUD /hour

Call us on +61 8 9278 2500

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Nishi Building, Canberra Nishi-Building-Canberra-thumbnail $90AUD /hour $126AUD /hour $69AUD /hour

Call us on +61 2 6243 4883

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The Realm, Canberra barton_the-realm_1-1.jpg $78AUD /hour $120AUD /hour $69AUD /hour

Call us on +61 2 6198 3200

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Westpac House, Adelaide Westpac-House-Adelaide-thumbnail $90AUD /hour $144AUD /hour $69AUD /hour

Call us on +61 8 8233 5800

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Reserve Bank Building, Hobart Reserve Bank Hobart Thumbnail $72AUD /hour $90AUD /hour $69AUD /hour

Call us on +61 3 6108 9101

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All prices are exclusive of GST.

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