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Candidate Considerations - What You Should Consider When Deciding on New Employees

If you have been running a company for some time, you probably know a little about the demand for jobs in the major Australian cities. Not is the local population competing for the top roles, there are also many recent arrivals and people trying to start a new life in the country. On the one hand, this is a positive thing. After all, every business wants to have the pick of the best talent.

However, it can also make recruitment difficult, because how do you make sure that you are choosing personalities, which fit with your brand? The good news is that Australia is a secure place to find skilled, ambitious employees. So, all you need to do is focus on making them a part of the company culture.

Keep reading for some recruitment tips and advice. Moreover, do not forget that Coworking spaces can be a great way to scout new talent!

1. Browse Your Network

While it is essential to consider a range of options, you do not have to start looking outwards immediately. As a business owner, you will already have an extensive network of contacts. There is a good chance that, through this network, you will find the perfect person to fill vacant roles. Alternatively, if you are a member of our Coworking offices in Melbourne or Sydney, you could always browse for promising names and faces among the budding entrepreneurs.

2. Know What You Need

Regardless of whether or not it is a positive thing for workers, the reality is that automation speeds up office tasks by replacing manual labour with technology. It would help if you were very careful when putting together job descriptions. Take a close look at the roles, which you want the new employee to fill and ask yourself, with honesty, whether you are likely to upgrade to automation in a few years. If you want to build a strong team, every member has to be indispensable.

3. Consider the Individual

Job interviews are not really about testing skills because a person will not make it through to this stage if they do not have the right qualifications. What you are looking for is somebody who feels like they fit with the vibe and values of the company. It is not an easy thing to spot, but it can come in the form of an instinctual response. In other words, by the time the interview is over, you probably know whether you would want to work alongside this person every day.

4. Find Out What They Want

The problem with the traditional interview is that we are all too well trained to say the things that we are supposed to or expected to. For instance, you might ask a candidate whether the role would be a long-term commitment for them. They say yes, you give them the job, and they resign after six months. Try to get to the heart of the person and encourage them to share their hopes for the role. If they are a star prospect, you are going to try to find a place for them no matter what their specific needs.

5. Consider a Trial Period

It is a good idea for all types of business because it gives you an ‘out’ if the recruit does not impress during the first six months. No matter how thorough your recruitment process, picking employees is laborious and there will be mistakes. At least, with a probationary or trial period, the damage is limited when this happens. Just make sure that the candidate fully understands that they could be replaced if they do not make themselves a key asset.