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The 6 Best Coworking Spaces for Tech Startups

By Varun Bodhi


Coworking space for startups is an exciting landscape of professional environments that have undergone remarkable transformations. Far more than just a shared workspace, the coworking industry has become a contemporary work culture that fosters collaboration and cost-saving opportunities - especially coworking spaces for tech startups.

But before you choose a startup office space, it's best to have a criterion to ensure you have a balance between function and aesthetics. Australia is full of coworking space companies, but not all provide the same services, and it's pivotal to your business to understand what you receive.

What to Look for in Your Coworking Space

Coworking spaces should propel your tech startup toward success - it's more than just a desk with a chair. Let's delve into the lifeblood of a thriving shared workspace as an alternative to the traditional office space.

Advanced Technology

As obvious as it is, a tech startup will need advanced technology to accelerate its operations.

Here is what you should look for.

  • Fast & secure Wi-Fi:

    A fast connection is essential, but security is arguably more important in our current era where cybersecurity is of greater concern. Tech startups, often heavily reliant on data-intensive processes and real-time interactions, benefit immensely from coworking spaces equipped with high-speed internet.

    This fundamental amenity not only supports daily operations but also enhances the overall productivity and competitiveness of startups, empowering them to stay ahead in the fast-paced tech landscape.

  • Custom security:

    Every company has different needs, and your tech startup is no different. Ensure your flexible workspace has the capability of enabling multiple internet configurations such as a VLAN, VPN, DMZ or a dedicated bandwidth to support your security obligations.

    Keep in mind that not all coworking spaces offer custom internet connections, and it's important to enquire if it's available.

Meeting Spaces & Breakout Areas

Whether it's an important meeting with prospective clients or you simply need a quiet space to focus, extra space should be a must in your criteria.

For example, coworking at Servcorp gives you access to fully furnished meeting rooms with video conferencing technology for presenting and meeting needs. Meeting rooms can be used for various occasions and are great for

Having Options

It's always beneficial to have options.

Your ideal coworking provider should have:

Even though your business might not need these workspace solutions in the present, having the capability to seamlessly upscale or downsize your operations without moving locations can save plenty of costs and time.

Best Coworking Spaces in Sydney

Sitting just behind Melbourne, the city of Sydney has around 72 coworking spaces available, and the options are significantly broad. To ensure comprehensive coverage across Sydney, we have selected the top three coworking spaces in the city's bustling business districts.

Chifley Tower

Nestled in the heart of Sydney's vibrant central business district, coworking at Chifley Tower offers a strategic location that transcends the ordinary. This iconic skyscraper, piercing the city skyline, provides not just office space but an elevated experience that harmonizes work and inspiration.

Chifley Tower 2 is a convenient five-minute walk from Martin Place and Wynyard train stations, along with the same distance from bus stops and the ferry. The prestigious A-grade office tower has a 5-level car park, serviced building concierge, lock-up bike facilities, and a 24/7 onsite security team.

As a business with a coworking space in this tower, you will enjoy plenty of natural light with floor-to-ceiling windows to promote a pleasant workspace. Being a premium location, you're in close proximity to prominent cultural landmarks like the Opera House and Royal Botanic Gardens.

Coworking spaces at the Chifley Tower can be accessed 24/7 and offer flexible contracts to accommodate all business needs. Companies can easily upscale by occupying more hot desks or opting for dedicated desks if they prefer permanent space.

Find out more about coworking spaces at Level 29, Chifley Tower, Sydney.

Hot Desks: Yes

Dedicated Desks: Yes

Google Reviews: 4.2 Stars

100 Mount Street

North Sydney is another bustling business district home to the finance, banking, IT, telecommunications, and other professional industries.

This area of the CBD has experienced steep growth in recent years, which has been accompanied by the development of new Grade-A office towers and coworking spaces. Of those developments, 100 Mount Street is unquestionably one of the best locations in North Sydney for Coworking.

The office tower was completed in 2019, and its innovative cross-braced structure makes it the most aesthetically pleasing designed tower. Those with a coworking space at Mount Street have convenient access to an array of speciality shops, supermarkets and food outlets close by.

Since it's situated so close to the Sydney CBD, you have easy access to major financial and commercial centres. This proximity also facilitates excellent networking opportunities, client meetings and collaboration opportunities.

As an employee or business with a coworking space in this tower, you'll be working amongst tenants such as Chanel, NBN Co and NextGen, which can enhance the brand image of anyone working there.

It conveys professionalism and success, which is advantageous for attracting clients and top talent.

Proximity to established businesses within prime addresses presents startups with invaluable opportunities for collaboration and growth. For example, being situated near well-established companies could lead to organic networking opportunities that may not have been possible otherwise. These interactions might result in strategic alliances or collaborations that propel the startup's growth trajectory.

Newer buildings like Mount Street also take pride in their 5.5-star NABERS energy rating, along with its 4.5-star NABERS water and 4-star indoor environment rating.

Find out more about coworking spaces at Level 25, 100 Mount Street, North Sydney.

Hot Desks: Yes

Dedicated Desks: Yes

Google Reviews: 4.5 Stars

Parramatta Square

Often referred to as Sydney's "second CBD," the Parramatta area has undergone a major transformation.

And it's not over yet.

A strategic plan that covers long-term economic development, environmental sustainability, and innovation is spanning till 2038 to ensure constant improvement. This makes Parramatta an exciting space and prospect for businesses looking to join a location with exponential growth - where better, than coworking at Parramatta Square.

Parramatta Square is the best connected flexible workspace in Sydney, with amazing aesthetics, Wi-Fi security, location, and community.

The 45,000 square meters of commercial space is home to childcare facilities, a central atrium, three basement parking levels, and plenty of retail.

The connectivity of coworking from Parramatta Square cannot be understated. Whether you decide to travel by car, train, bus or ferry, all methods of transport are less than five minutes away and frequent. You're also only moments away from the Westfield shopping centre, restaurants, cafes, banks, gyms, and just about everything you could need at a workspace.

From a business perspective, you are surrounded by major tenants such as PWC, ANZ, Deloitte and many other startups in the coworking spaces. Tech startups often find themselves in need of strategic partnerships or funding from investors who understand their industry-specific challenges and opportunities.

By working alongside other entrepreneurs and established businesses in similar fields within a coworking space setting, there are increased chances of forming valuable collaborations.

Find out more about coworking spaces at Level 14, 3 Parramatta Square, Sydney.

Hot Desks: Yes

Dedicated Desks: Yes

Google Reviews: 4.6 Stars

Macquarie Park

Nestled in the vibrant hub of Macquarie Park's Research and Development Park, this location is at the epicentre of one of Australia's most coveted business ecosystems, boasting superb transport connectivity.

Seamlessly blending work and leisure, the site is enveloped by picturesque natural landscapes and offers a range of amenities, including a tennis court, heated pool, barbecue area and bike racks, creating an ideal environment for both productivity and relaxation.

As with all of our top coworking spaces for startups, the Avaya House is a superior A-grade building that offers phenomenal views across the Lane Cove National Park. The fully equipped free fitness room is a great space to unwind during your lunch break or after work, and is easily accessible from your coworking space.

This business district is an ideal location for tech startups. Being home to global companies in technology, electronics, and telecommunication industries makes Avaya House a strategic coworking space destination.

If being surrounded by Microsoft, CSIRO, and Optus sounds ideal to your tech startup, then secure a co-working space at the Avaya House. The Avaya House also presents the perfect opportunity for upscaling with serviced offices and gaining the prestige of an established business in a technology-driven precinct.

Find out more about coworking spaces at Level 9, Avaya House, Macquarie Park.

Hot Desks: Yes

Dedicated Desks: Yes

Google Reviews: 4 Stars

Nexus Norwest

The Norwest Business Park is an award-winning architecturally designed premium development that aims to offer world-class office facilities to small businesses.

Coworking spaces at Nexus Norwest are a stroll away from local attractions such as Castle Hill Country Club, The Hills Lodge Hotel, and the Norwest Lake. There are plenty of commercial advantages to be gained by renting a coworking space at Nexus Norwest.

Not only are you positioned amongst large scale corporations such as Subaru and AAMi Insurance, your business has access to enterprise-level amenities without the large price tag. Facilities such as tech-equipped boardrooms, dedicated receptionists, secretarial assistance and onsite IT help are all included in this complete workspace solution.

Although Norwest is 50 minutes from the CBD, it's an ideal location for those who live within the Norwest, Caste Hill, Kellyville, Blacktown and Seven Hills area. The location still has a reputation for being an impressive business park and elevates the brand image of any business.

Find out more about coworking spaces at Level 5, Nexus Norwest, Sydney.

Hot Desks: Yes

Dedicated Desks: Yes

Google Reviews: 4.4 Stars

Bondi Junction

We weren't kidding when we said all business districts with coworking spaces would be covered. Known for being home to one of the best beaches, coworking at Bondi Junction is an entirely different experience.

Coworking spaces here are located away from the hustle and bustle of the CBD while appealing to the lively Eastern suburbs of Sydney. Conveniently, you will be right next door to the Westfield Shopping centre and have access to secure parking.

The Bondi Junction train station and bus interchange are a quick one-minute walk away, and the accompaniment of stunning Bondi Beach views makes this coworking location a treat. Coworking spaces here are ideal for employees or businesses located in:

  • Bondi

  • North Bondi

  • Double Bay

  • Waverley

  • Dover Heights

  • Queens Park

The unique appeal of having access to a professional workspace while being right next to the beach and Westfield shopping centre is why Bondi Junction is the people's favourite coworking space.

Find out more about coworking spaces at Level 22, Westfield Tower, Bondi Junction.

Hot Desks: Yes

Dedicated Desks: Yes

Google Reviews: 4.3 Stars

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